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Endless Cavern

Strange well in Arkham country—water gives out (or was never struck —hole kept tightly covered by a stone ever since dug)—no bottom—shunned and feared—what lay beneath (either unholy temple or other very ancient thing, or great cave-world).

An entry for the TIGsource Commonplace Book competition.

The source is, on the whole, a bit gross, owing partly to my inability to wrap the fmod library properly. If there's any interest at all, I can easily make an easy-to-compile soundless and generally tidied-up version of the game available.


space - to progress through title menus
left/right - to move left/right
up/down - to turn off/on 'thrust'


Procedurally-generated tessellated-cavern flying game of sorts.


Feel welcome to drop me a line at analytic@gmail.com if you've questions/comments :)

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